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how to create funny content for video

Creator's Guide: How to Create Funny Content for Social Media

Comedy creators have to know how to make funny content for social media in order to be successful. They don’t just hit record and try to be funny. Funny content for video posts is more planned out than that to hit the right beats and engage viewers so they’ll increase viewing time, like and comment, then follow your accounts.

Today, we’re discussing how to create funny content for social media so that your videos perform well. Creators have just a couple of seconds to grab viewer attention, so it’s important to make the most of your first impression and create videos that people want to watch.

Why Learn How to Create Funny Content for Social Media?

Whether you’re an independent content creator, a brand, or a company looking to engage with viewers on a humorous level, learning how to create funny content is key. Recent statistics show that 71% of consumers reported watching social media videos to laugh. Without a strategy for funny video content ideas, you’re likely to publish content that viewers scroll past and may even build a negative reputation for posting poor-quality content.

You should be learning the best tips and techniques on how to make funny content in order to maximize video performance. Successful comedy content reaches viewers in a way that builds authenticity and increases engagement. 

Tips for How to Create Funny Content

Comedy is one of the most powerful tools creators can use to reach wider audiences and increase engagement. Knowing how to create funny content that resonates is vital to capturing viewer attention and keeping it. Successful comedic content can build your following and overall viewership over time.

Follow these tips and techniques for how to create funny content for social media for better media performance:

  1. Define your type of comedy or humor
  2. Write a comedic video script to guide production
  3. Don’t oversell the comedy
  4. Stay on top of social media video trends
  5. Add voice over to video to streamline production
  6. Try out different ways to make funny content
  7. Strategically edit funny content to keep viewers engaged

1. Define Your Type of Comedy

Not all humor is the same. Does your audience respond to dark humor? 

Funny cat videos? 


One of the most important steps towards how to create funny content is knowing what kind of comedy you excel at and leaning into it. Successful comedy content creators publish media that falls in line with their comedy style, how they relate to their viewers, and make the most of these factors to boost performance overall.

2. Write a Comedic Video Script

Part of being a successful content creator and learning how to create funny content for social media is developing a strategy to guide production. Even if your comedy style is meant to feel organic, having a script to use as an outline helps you hit the right beats and tell your story the way you want it told.

Comedy scripts for content on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts should focus on keeping it simple and getting to the punchline quickly. You have very little time to capture viewer attention, so shorter jokes are ideal. You’ll also want to write your script with an idea of how you’ll edit your video in mind. Short form video content often has fast cuts to keep visual attention, so plan the beats of your video accordingly.

You may also consider making AI generated scripts to shorten the production process and scale your content creation more efficiently. With the right prompts and knowledge of how to create funny content for video posts, you can use these tools to speed up the pre-production steps and get into filming your content more quickly. 

3. Don’t Oversell the Comedy

There’s nothing worse than someone trying too hard to be funny. As you’re learning how to create funny content for social media, remember that comedy is human. That means it excels with a natural delivery and simple storytelling. Trying too hard to be funny may lead to underperformance.

While it's tempting to go over the top to ensure laughs, authenticity should never be sacrificed for the sake of humor. The best comedic content often stems from relatable, genuine experiences. Let the humor arise naturally from the given topic or character rather than forcing it. Audiences appreciate authenticity, and when they sense that your humor is genuine, they're more likely to engage and share your content.

4. Stay on Top of Social Media Trends and News

Staying up-to-date with current trends and news is a prime strategy for how to create funny content for video posts. Whether it's memes, viral challenges, or pop culture references, incorporating these elements into your video content can make it resonate with a broader audience, increasing your reach.

5. Add Voice Over to Streamline Video Production

Just like making AI generated scripts, another tool for how to make funny content for social media is AI voice over. Adding voice over to video adds a unique dimension to your storytelling. An AI voice generator, like the one behind the voice over app MixVoice, streamlines production by getting the perfect take in one shot and providing numerous ways to customize line delivery from gender and accent to language and emotion.

Using voice over for video can lend a distinct comedic tone to your videos, helping you brand your type of comedy.

Bonus Creator Tip: Whether you’re using AI voice over or human voice actors, check out these voice over tips for recording high quality audio next.

6. Try Different Ways to Make Funny Content

Learning how to create funny content for social media is an ongoing process of trial and error. Don't be afraid to test different comedic styles, formats, and approaches to see what resonates most with your audience. Pay attention to engagement metrics, comments, and shares to gauge the effectiveness of your humor then optimize future content based on previous performance. 

It’s immeasurably important for creators to analyze content performance and be open to making adjustments based on viewer feedback.

7. Edit Videos for Comedic Impact

Once you've recorded your video, the editing process is where learning how to create funny content comes through. Editing allows you to refine the comedic timing, enhance visual gags, and create seamless transitions that work best for whichever social media platform you’re publishing on.

Editing comedy the right way keeps viewers engaged and wanting to know what comes next. Use jump cuts to heighten absurd moments and maintain a brisk pace to prevent the video from dragging. Experiment with sound effects and music to amplify comedic elements and highlight punchlines. In comedy, timing is everything.

Learning how to create funny content for social media is vital to creators wanting to expand their reach and boost engagement using humor. Without a strategy in place, you risk your media underperforming and losing existing viewers in the process. Develop a strategy you are able to recreate and work through even on the fly in order to stay nimble and record content while it’s timely. Authentic, funny videos are a great way to reach wider audiences and build your brand.

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