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AI Voice Generator

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Using an AI voice generator allows you to create high-quality, accurate, and engaging content without having to hire professional voice actors. Through AI, you pull your viewer in and open the door to further iterations and split testing content to create new opportunities for success — driving your viewership and follower count up, making you more competitive in your niche.

Below, we’re exploring what an AI voice generator is, how it functions in the context of content creation and the features you can enjoy with the AI voice generator feature in the MixVoice voice over app.

What Is an AI Voice Generator?

At its core, an AI voice generator converts digital text to human speech. Realistic AI voice generators take this to the next level, adding humanistic elements such as a rise and fall in pitch, variation in word delivery, and emotional elements like empathy or confidence. This form of machine learning empowers social media content creators to take on a voice beyond their own, telling more engaging stories and drawing the viewer in from the first moment. 

The use (and subsequent end-product) of AI voice generators is stronger when the service or platform you’re using has a range of inclusive language and accent options, keeping your content relevant for a larger target audience. 

MixVoice is your comprehensive voice over AI voice generator solution, allowing you to translate across more than 20 languages and over 60 accent options. This powerful tool allows content creators to seamlessly create your voice over with the app’s user-friendly interface. It’s intuitive, doesn’t require hours to learn, and no need to record your VO in one take.

How Do AI Voice Generators Work

AI voice generators work based on a deep learning algorithm that’s housed in a neural network similar to the human brain. This network is extremely advanced and can make logical implications, showcase voice variation, and mimic human-aligned speaking patterns. This breaks the mold of the traditional synthetic voices we’re used to seeing from older voice generation models and creates the realistic AI voice generator voices you’ll hear from MixVoice. 

AI Voice Generator Features

The MixVoice AI voice generator offers a range of features that help it to stand out as the best AI voice generator for content creators. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of benefits you can expect when you choose MixVoice for how to voice over a video or photos. 

Supports 22 Languages

The MixVoice AI voice generator supports 22 languages for an inclusive video editing experience, allowing you to cater to existing followers and reach new audiences with ease.. Seamlessly navigate the MixVoice editor and explore the range of male and female voices in languages from around the world. 

Supports 63 Accents

With MixVoice, you can enhance and amplify your international voices with the insertion of region-specific accents, bringing an authentic tone to your dialect of choice. This is also advantageous for creating content targeting specific audiences to ensure it resonates with them.

Choose Preferred Gender for Voice Over

MixVoice allows you to split test between male and female voices, allowing you to appeal to different subsects of your general audience population and capture viewer attention effectively. Consider experimenting with your options and seeing what your audience resonates with most. 

100 Realistic AI Voices

One of the most important elements of a realistic AI voice generator is the range within the available catalog of AI voices to add dimension and relatability to your media. MixVoice offers 100 human-like voice options, allowing you to add an extra layer of nuance to your work while connecting with your target audience in new and surprising ways.  

AI Voice Emotions

No two voices are created equal. Understanding this and taking the time to sift through your voice over options presents you the unique opportunity to elevate your voice over and content. 

If you’re looking for options that show empathy, emotion and a relatable human element, MixVoice is the tool for you. We offer a range of emotive voice options across some of the world’s most practiced languages, including: 

  • United States - Sara
  • French (France) - Denise
  • Japanese (Japan) - Nanami
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - Francisca
  • Chinese (China Mainland) - Xiaoxiao, Xiaohan, Yunxi, Yuny

Stay tuned for more AI voice emotion options in future updates to MixVoice.

Use Cases For AI Voice Generator

Nothing replaces the connectivity that you can get from adding a vocal element to your video. MixVoice helps creators to cross the chasm between content and viewer, connecting them to your products and brand in seconds. Here are a few different use cases for the MixVoice realistic AI voice generator tool. 

Easily Add Voice to Video for Social Media

Change the format and flow of your video for social media by adding AI voice generated content to TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and long form video content. The process takes mere minutes and can have lasting results, bringing your content to life on an international scale in a more sustainable and accessible way. 

Narrate Videos In Another Language For Multiple Audiences

Social media brings global audiences within reach. Consider using MixVoice to help you easily optimize your posts for a range of international audiences. Leverage voice over for your content in just a few clicks, exploring our library of over 20 languages and 60 accents. 

Give Life To Pets or Inanimate Objects

If you’re using inanimate objects, non-speaking elements, or animals in your videos, you should consider using an AI voice generator to bring them to life. It adds to the dynamic of your videos and serves to improve performance across media channels.

Create Educational Videos or Step-By-Step Tutorials

Looking to make your guides crystal clear? Using realistic AI voice generators gives educational videos or step-by-step tutorials a boost. With support from the best AI voice generator, your viewers can seamlessly follow along and will appreciate your commitment to clarity. Furthermore, it lets content creators narrate the process without having to record instructions live or facing post production editing challenges to get the perfect take.

Add Voice to Animation or Game Replays

Consider adding AI voice generator support to your next animation or replay. This helps your audience gain a more comprehensive understanding of what’s going on, and connects them to the content through a first-person lens.

Bonus Use: The MixVoice app now allows content creators to add up to 90 seconds of voice over to a photo, as well.

AI Voice Generator App vs. Native Social Media Editing Tools

There are plenty of differences between AI voice generator services and native social media editing tools. These generally include: 

Available Voice Options

While many social media channels now offer a range of AI voice generation tools, they are inferior to specialty tools such as MixVoice. While offered, AI voices on Instagram and TikTok have a limited selection with little-to-no opportunity to emote, optimize, or adjust. MixVoice allows you to customize your base voice selection and adjust key humanizing elements such as cadence and speech speed. 


Native social media AI voice generator rollouts across platforms have been known to “vanish” without warning from the creator toolkit. While it is generally marked down to a transient bug or glitch, it can compromise the editing process and viewer experience. MixVoice is always reliable and offers a full span of AI voice generator services, keeping accessibility and reliability at the forefront of operations.

Language Options

Social media platforms push content that is viewer-forward and optimized for each person’s experience. Where native voice generation services offer limited support for platform editing and optimization, MixVoice offers a wide range of variated voices, keeping you as relevant and as optimized as possible (in half of the time!). The language options from MixVoice let you easily reach non-native speakers and the global audience across any platform you choose. 

Use AI Voices With MixVoice

Looking for the best AI voice generator tool? MixVoice continues to lead the market, offering 100+ text to speech voice options for your content needs. From individual content creators to large enterprises and everyone in between, MixVoice brings content to life in just a few clicks — keeping you as relevant as possible with seamless language toggle options and leaving you with a polished product exported in 4k resolution. 

Ready to try it for yourself? You can download MixVoice today for iOS, on the Mac App Store or Google Play, and use our guide to learn more about how to use a text to speech app for videos on our website.