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Transcribe Video to Text

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When you transcribe video to text with the MixCaptions app, you’re making them more accessible and communicable to your viewers. The process of video transcription occurs when viewers or creators transcribe video to text, offering a readable experience for those in your audience who may be Deaf, Hard of Hearing or who simply wish to read captions as the video content plays.

Why Transcribe Video?

There are many different use cases for video transcription. Understanding what these are and how to use them helps creators make more impactful video content that facilitates channel growth and engagement. 

Use cases to consider include: 

  • Creating captions for video content
  • Using transcriptions for video accessibility
  • Making videos more searchable
  • Improving video SEO
  • Repurposing video content as a blog post or resource for SEO and accessibility.

 Transcribe video to text with MixCaptions to:

Create Captions for Video Content

When creators transcribe video to text, they unlock new opportunities to style and optimize captions for accessibility. Viewers then have the ability to enjoy timed transcribed captions, allowing them to follow along easily in a story-like way. 

If you’re looking for easy ways to add captions to a video, we’ve put together a helpful guide to save you time on your next content creation day. 

Use Transcriptions for Video Accessibility

Many readers may prefer to read along with your video, remaining engaged and boosting watch times. Others in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community may need additional visual support to fully enjoy your video. 

Regardless of the “why” behind your video transcription, creators agree that transcriptions are a powerful tool for video accessibility. There are many ways you use the content that comes when you transcribe video to text, such as YouTube or YouTube Shorts video descriptions, or an easily-accessible video transcript for your viewers. 

Here’s a video accessibility checklist to make your content as welcoming as possible for viewers of all types. 

Make Videos More Searchable

Transcribe video to text to make your content more searchable, on Google or on your platform of choice. When you use transcriptions in your content creation process, algorithms pick up on specific keywords that match user queries. It’s a low-impact strategy that offers potential to double your viewership quickly. 

Additionally, transcriptions are an especially useful tool to leverage if you are creating longer-form or intense content. Your video to text transcription includes timestamps and convenient entry points, optimizing the viewing experience and keeping convenience at the forefront of your brand’s perception.

Improve Video SEO

Video transcriptions are a vehicle to improve SEO in several different ways. 

When used functionally as a closed caption tool, it contributes to longer watch time and a better overall user experience, directly impacting the quality score element of SEO relevancy. Transcription also increases available written content, making brand related content as crawl-friendly as possible. 

Repurpose Video Content for Other Uses

Video content is a single arm of a well-rounded, comprehensive marketing strategy. Transcription of video content with MixCaptions promotes repurposing in a more efficient way, saving you time on future content creation and strategy. 

There are many different ways to potentially repurpose this content, including blog posts, social media shares and stories. No matter how you choose to create, your viewers enjoy higher quality content that offers a unique level of accessibility and personalization to their specific needs. 

MixCaptions Video Transcription Features

MixCaptions makes video transcription simple. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy when you transcribe video to text using MixCaptions. 

  • Transcription of videos up to 30 minutes long
  • Translation of English videos into foreign languages
  • Editing video captions after they’re transcribed
  • Automatic transcription of videos in 20+ languages
  • Capacity to export SRT files to use your video transcription in other places

Transcription of Videos of Varying Lengths

Creators using MixCaptions can currently transcribe a single video for free, up to 3 minutes in total length. Creators using MixCaptions Pro enjoy convenient transcription support for video content that’s much longer in duration, up to 10 minutes for individual subscribers (or up to 30 minutes for business subscribers.) 

Translate English Videos Into Foreign Language Captions

Prioritizing translation into the world’s top languages is an effective way to get higher engagement rates and better global expansion traction. MixCaptions users retain the ability to translate videos and receive captions in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean or Spanish languages in just a few clicks. 

Edit Captions After You Transcribe Video to Text

Save time editing by switching to MixCaptions. The service allows creators to edit video transcripts and captions after it’s been transcribed, giving you your highest level of accuracy yet. You’ll surf through timestamps, personalize your captions and truly tell your story as it’s meant to be told. 

Automatically Transcribe Videos in Various Languages

Automatic translation puts time back into your day and boosts your video accessibility to global audiences. MixCaptions currently offers this service for over 20 language translations, including English, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, (Portugal and Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, and Vietnamese. 

Export SRT Files for Use on Other Platforms

SRT files of a video transcript allow creators to support video content on other platforms. Enjoy a greater degree of accessibility on sites such as YouTube with these file types, leveraging the SRT file to boost viewer accessibility and SEO crawlability in just a few clicks. You can also use the SRT file to create a transcript that accompanies videos, conveniently listing it alongside the video (such as on YouTube or on your personal blog.) 

Not sure what an SRT file is? Check out our guide that answers the question: What is an .SRT file? 

Steps for Using MixCaptions to Transcribe Video to Text

MixCaptions continues to be the easiest and versatile way to transcribe your video content into a textual transcription for your accessibility and marketing purposes. We’ve listed the steps to do this below: 

  • Choose your media. Follow the on-screen prompts to upload the video content to the MixCaptions app.
  • Turn on push notifications. Select “Get Notified” to receive a notification when the transcription is complete. This keeps you on track and efficient if you have other projects that you’re overseeing. 
  • Personalize your language experience. On-screen prompts help you to Choose video audio language and language for transcription.
  • Prepare for processing. Grant permission for MixCaptions to transcribe your video audio to begin the transcription process. 
  • Personalize and edit. We recommend adjusting your caption text as you see fit, making it as impactful as possible for your target audience. 
  • Import font, if desired. Changing fonts is a great way to boost your brand visibility and awareness, while keeping your video content easily accessible to your viewer base. 
  • Style captions for your video. Taking the opportunity to stylize your captions to add emphasis and inflection brings your video to life in front of your viewer,  involving them in the story from start to finish. 
  • Export your SRT file. Getting a text file of all your captions now will save you significant time later on.