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Set a Video as a Live WallPaper on iOS 17

Currently with iOS 17, Apple brought back the options to customize your lock screen.  More excitingly, users will have the ability to set live wallpapers with their personal live photos.  But, if you are looking to take it a step further and want to set special moments from videos as your lock screen wallpaper, the process is not straight forward.  Thankfully, we found a way and will provide you a simple guide on how to set a video as a dynamic live wallpaper on iOS 17 using the Video Wallpaper app.

Customizing Your iPhone Lock Screen

Some may ask why they should care about customizing their lock screen and the answer is simple. Live wallpapers bring motion and life to the lock screen.  Personalizing the lock screen with dynamic image will bring you joy and change how you experience your device when you pick up your device. 

On iOS 17, Apple expanded customization options by allowing users to to set live wallpapers by adding dynamic elements from the Wallpaper library, adding a live photo from your photos library or a video from the popular Video Wallpaper app. 

Setting a Video as Live Wallpaper with the Video Wallpaper App

To set a video as a live wallpaper on iOS 17 using the Video Wallpaper app, continue reading.

  • Download Video Wallpaper: You can download the Video Wallpaper app from the App Store.    
  • Select your  Video: Open the Video Wallpaper app and click the plus sign on the top right corner to select the video clip you want to set as your live wallpaper
  • Adjust Settings: After loading your video, adjust the size and placement of the video so it fits perfectly on screen.  You can change the color of the background or add a fun pattern.
  • Set as Live Wallpaper: Once complete select Save.  Open the Photos app, locate your project and set it as your wallpaper.
  • Enjoy Your Dynamic Lock Screen: Once you’ve set the video as your live wallpaper, lock your iPhone and experience the dynamic visuals come to life on your lock screen.

While iOS 17 offers enhanced customization options for the lock screen, setting a video as a live wallpaper requires the use of third-party apps like Video Wallpaper.  With the Video Wallpaper app, iPhone users can unleash their creativity and personalize their lock screen with captivating or personal videos that reflect their style and personality.