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How to Edit Videos like a Pro on iPhone

Video is gradually becoming our prominent way of communicating online. Nowadays, our iPhones come with awesome cameras and are brilliant for shooting video: they can capture 4K video at a speedy 60fps and automatically stabilize the recording to reduce shakes, giving everyone the opportunity to become a professional content creator.

If you're really serious about making your content stand out, you'll also need a powerful and convenient video editing app. PicPlayPost makes editing videos like a pro easier than ever. Create stunning picture and video collages, slideshows, live wallpapers, and more. Trim, speed up, and slow down 1080p video. It’s simply the most powerful mobile video editor on the market.

Picture and Video Collages

Create picture and video collages that engage your audience!

  • Create up to 9-frame photo and video collages
  • Supports all media formats: photos, videos, gifs, and live photos
  • Customizable ratios to support social media page banners, cover images, etc.
  • Supports imported gifs from Giphy


Keep your memories close to home with customizable live wallpapers!

  • Create up to 9-frame collages
  • Supports videos and live photos
  • Supports 9:16 and 9.19.5 dimensions (devices with notch)
  • Add watermark or logo to your creations
  • Customizable borders


Create slideshows that tell your story!

  • Create up to 30-minute slideshows
  • Add multiple songs
  • Add animated text
  • Supports multiple ratios
  • Select from a full range of transitions
  • Effortlessly add collages to your slideshows

Do More With Pro

PicPlayPost is free to download. But if you're really serious about growing your brand and engaging your audience from anywhere, upgrade to PicPlayPost Pro! It has all of the professional features you need, with none of the hassle.

  • Share 1080p video (collage & slideshows)
  • Create up to 30 minute videos
  • Customize your own watermark
  • Split screen videos with stunning effects
  • Add multiple soundtracks to your creations

PicPlayPost is a fun, hassle-free, and versatile professional video editing app that’s great for everyone. Download our app and give it a try now!

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