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reading roo from acapella app

Reading Roo from Acapella App

Reading Roo is a text reader app for kids from the creators of Acapella App.  

Reading Roo allows you to turn any English, Spanish or French text into a fun interactive reading activity. 

Scan a page, tap on the text and Reading Roo will magically read the text aloud while highlighting the words so a child can interact with the words while reading.

You can also record yourself and your child reading if you want to create a lasting memory of you and your child reading. 

Reading with Reading Roo is a fun and engaging family activity and also encourages children to explore reading on their own.

Reading Roo has a built-in reading assessment to help parents and guardians follow a child's reading progress.

The app is available for iPad and iPhone.

Learn more about helping your child learn to read.

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