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When the Roman Empire rises again

The Best Memes of 2023

A smirking Kevin James from The King of Queens.  

An old headshot of the 'King of Queens' actor resurfaced in September 2023 and the Internet fell in love with his sheepish charm.


When the Roman Empire rises again - women were surprised when they found out how often their men think about Rome - quite frequently — once a week, or even daily!


Girl Dinner - what girls are eating for their evening meals.  When TikToker Olivia Maher posted a video of her dinner of bread, cheese and grapes, calling it "girl dinner" referring it to a "medieval peasants' dinner." Many others on the internet then shared their versions of "Girl Dinner," all of which were simple meals. 


Tiger Woods “Big Dog” moment.  

The original video featuring the "big dog" moment was posted on X by the official @PGATOUR page, on December 17th, 2023. The video showed Tiger Woods at the PNC Championship calling his son’s caddy Luke Wise “big dog”.  Then everyone discovered they have a “big dog” in their life!


Barbenheimer - the July 21 opening of both Barbie and Oppenheimer was an epic double feature that smashed the box office.  A blending of the words "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" to contrast the two films as the movie industry did a double feature of the films. Memes used images that were both pink and black inspired by the color palettes of each film.


M3GAN the doll who couldn’t stop slaying, the horror-comedy hit the big screen and her dancing was speechless.  A trailer released in October 2022 for the upcoming movie about a realistic android girl who is tasked with protecting another young girl but does the complete opposite has a dance scene down a hallway to a horror remix of Taylor Swift's song "It's Nice to Have a Friend".  Users were surprised over the dancing scene. Even musician Megan Thee Stallion commented, "Not being biased but I think they made this movie for me.” 

The Fed, Inflation, and the price of eggs going sunny side up!  By early 2023, egg prices were up 300% in some parts of the U.S.  Grocery stores were charging Americans an average of $4.25 per dozen eggs.  Avian flu, supply chain issues and worker shortages all seem to have contributed to the problem.


Dupes” - When you realize you don’t have to spend $$$ on popular luxury products, when you can buy similar looking items at Target.  Several TikTokers walked around Target and other Department stores sarcastically suggesting low-end items as viable "dupes" or "doops" for luxury products.

Using Math to justify spending - Girl Math and Boy Math.  TikToker samjamessssss posted a video joking about funky math some ladies use to justify purchases and returns e.g "Anything under five dollars feels free" and "If you return an item for $50 and then spend $100 on another item, it's like only spending $50."  "Girl Math" came after Girl Dinner went viral on TikTok.   

Not to be outdone, some lads on Twitter / X, began hypothesizing about "Boy Math" wrt buying items in bulk to save money, or inflating their height to 6’.


Pedro Pascal eating a PB&J sandwich on Snack Wars, where celebrities taste and then vote on snacks from different countries around the world. 

In one clip from the show, actor/director Jon Favreau and Pedro Pascal are asked to compare an American PB&J sandwich to a favorite Chilean breakfast bite Marraqueta (a hard roll, served with a creamy avocado spread). “There’s no comparison for me,” Pascal said, pointing to the Chilean staple.

As Pascal takes a bite of the PB&J sandwich, he pauses briefly and then jumps back into the conversation as if nothing happened. This lack-of-reaction moment sparked countless viral TikTok memes representing the feeling of being unbothered and unenthused.


The "mojo dojo casa house".  Memes inspired by the 2023 Barbie movie, referring to a scene where Ken takes over the Barbie Dreamhouse and rebrands it as the Mojo Dojo Casa House. This led to users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share images of unique looking houses/pads and describing them as "mojo dojo casa house."


Threads vs. Twitter  (what about that Zuckerberg Elon cage fight never took place).  

Meta launched the Twitter competitor Threads in early July 2023, and gained over 100 million users in a week.  Commentary about the rivalry between the two apps began to spread online.  Twitter threatened to sue Meta for alleged intellectual property theft and for poaching its employees.


She's Everything. He's Just Ken.  The film teased the idea that all Barbies must be perfect in every aspect, while the Kens can merely just exist in Barbie Land.  In the movie posters, all the Barbies are depicted with impressive skills and high flying jobs - a President, a Supreme Court Justice, a Diplomat, a Nobel Prize winner, a doctor, a Pulitzer Prize author, a lawyer.  The Kens however, they're just Kens.


Big Red Boots, a red new product from the art collective MSCHF.  The high fashion clothing brand MSCHF's new Big Red Boots sparked conflicting opinions on social media when they started sending the boots to notable fashion news outlets, HYPEBEAST and Saint.  The promotional tactic was designed to generate buzz for what they simply called "Big. Red. Boots."  Users found the shoes hilarious, comparing them to cartoon characters such as Astro Boy.


Nepo babies are all over.  Nepotism Baby or Nepo Baby (slang) is a term for someone who benefited from family connections to further their career or pursue a valuable opportunity. Commonly used to describe Hollywood actors and actresses with famous parents. 


Tube Girl” -  Sabrina Bahsoon dancing and lip-syncing on the London Underground goes massively viral.  The post inspired other TikTokers filming themselves fearlessly dancing on public transportation as if no one was watching.


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