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prepare script for teleprompter app

How to Prepare a Script for a Teleprompter app

A quick guide to preparing a script:

Use simple language: Use simple language and short sentences to make it easier to read and follow along.

Use a plain text format: When writing your script, use a plain text format instead of a formatted document like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can use TextEdit,  Notepad, or the Notes app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. This will help ensure that the text displays correctly in your teleprompter app.  

Use short sentences: Use short sentences to make it easier to read and follow along.

Use bullet points: Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs to break up the text and make it easier to read and follow along.

Use a Teleprompter app to practice:

Use a large font size: Use a large font size, typically between 30-40pt  to make it easier to read from a distance and to avoid eye strain. 

Use clear formatting: Use clear formatting such as bold, italics, and underline to emphasize key points and help guide your reading.

Practice with the script: Practice reading the script out loud to make sure that it flows well and to identify any areas that may need to be revised or clarified.

Edit for length: Edit the script for length to ensure that it fits within the time constraints of your speech or presentation.

Time the script: Time the script to ensure that it matches the allotted time for your speech, talk, or presentation.

Remember that the goal of a teleprompter script is to help guide your delivery. So, be sure to practice and familiarize yourself with the script before recording in the teleprompter app to ensure a smooth delivery.

Most teleprompter apps allow you to re-record if you are not happy with your first take.

Learn how to: Record with a Teleprompter App


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