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Reading Roo and Reading Room

What is a Reading Room and what is Reading Roo App

Reading Rooms

Reading rooms are commonly found in libraries, where they provide a space for patrons to access and read books, journals, newspapers, and other materials. In some cases, reading rooms are specialized and cater to specific subjects, such as science, history, or art.

In archives, reading rooms are where researchers can examine historical documents and records under the supervision of archivists. These rooms are designed to protect and preserve valuable documents while allowing scholars to access them for research purposes.

Reading rooms can also be a part of museums, where they provide visitors with the opportunity to study exhibit-related materials, such as catalogs or reference books, to gain a deeper understanding of the collections on display.

Reading Roo App

Reading Roo is a mobile app for iPad and iPhone that will read any text aloud, or you can record yourself (and your child) reading a story and let your child play it back. 

You can scan text, tap on the text, and the app will read the words aloud while highlighting the text.  This provides an immersive reading experience for children.

The app has a built-in reading assessment to help parents and guardians follow a child's reading progress.

Learn more about helping your child learn to read.

More about Reading Rooms:

U.S. Department of Education

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